Thankful for All of ROP’s Partners in Ministry

It takes a lot of partners for ROP’s ministry to run effectively. Most of our programs rely heavily on volunteer support and, of course, ROP would not have been able to sustain and grow our ministry over the last almost 11 years without the support of many financial partners.

Today, I also want to give a special shout out to our church partners. Many support ROP financially, but we feel their support in other ways as well.  Church support was a critical component of the success of ROP’s recent Thanksgiving Outreach. Big thanks to Bethany Evangelical Free Church, Cherry Hills Community Church, Eastern Hills Community Church and Greenwood Community Church for their support of that outreach.

Every year, ROP is also blessed by our partnership with Colorado Community Church (CCC) and their annual Christmas Store. CCC literally does it all with hundreds of volunteers and the purchase of presents for hundreds (thousands?) of needy children. This year, ROP was able to bless 35 of our kids and their families through CCC’s Christmas Store, and all we had to do was help our families apply to participate and make sure they were able to get to Aurora’s Central High School last Saturday morning. Thank you, Colorado Community Church!

Of course, most of the services and programs ROP offers to the people of our community require a little more financial investment on our part. This is where tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) Colorado Gives Day (CGD) continues to play a significant role in ROP’s ministry. Last year, ROP raised $68k or more than 1/6 of our annual operating budget through Colorado Gives Day alone. We are praying for a similar if not greater outpouring again this year which is necessary if ROP is to finish the year in the black (revenues > expenses) for the 10th consecutive year.

If you have room left in your year-end giving budget, we would very much appreciate your consideration of a special gift to ROP. If you like to make credit card donations, Colorado Gives Day is the best day of the year to donate using your credit card due to CGD’s lower credit card fees and our ability to participate in CGD’s $1 million Incentive Fund.  Year-end gifts to ROP are also being supported by a $25k matching challenge grant. As of this moment, we are only about half-way toward releasing all of that grant.

If you feel led to make a donation to ROP through Colorado Gives Day, simply click on this link which will take you to ROP’s page on the CGD website. Of course, we also still accept checks which should be made payable to ROP and mailed to PO Box 632, Aurora, CO 80040.

Thanks for your consideration, and a special thanks to those who have already scheduled a CGD donation for tomorrow.

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