ROP is Co-Sponsoring an Orality /Story-telling Workshop on Sat., 9/9

Do you desire to improve your ability to reach people with the truth found in the Bible?  What if they do not read books unless they have to?  Do you find that a lot of the people you encounter in your ministry or elsewhere don’t yet know anything about the Bible?  Orality is a fast growing movement in evangelism today, and it is changing the face of missions around the world. Research has shown that 70% of people in the world are oral preference learners. Therefore, telling the stories of God is an amazingly effective way of communicating the Gospel and making disciples. And it is proving to be very effective at ROP as well. The photo is Rick Randall telling Bible stories to kids at ROP’s neighborhood park.
If this information stirs something in your heart or simply sounds interesting and worth learning more about, I hope you will seriously consider attending the Bible Storying Workshop coming up soon on September 9that Agape Missionary Church. The workshop will be led by Jerry Wiles of Living Water International.
To learn more about Jerry and his Orality ministry click on this link to read an article by Jerry in Christianity Today.
To register for the workshop, click on this link.
Details for the Bible Storying Workshop are as follows:
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday September 9th 2017
Location: Agape Missionary Church,1590 Chester St., Aurora, CO 80010 (just two short blocks from ROP).
  – $35/individual and includes lunch and materials
  – $20/individual groups of 5 or more and includes lunch and materials
Contact: Matt Smith 303.570.7501 – [email protected]
P.S. Pedal 4A Purpose 2017 is just around the corner on Saturday, September 23rd. Register by August 31 and save a few dollars. Click here to go to the Pedal 4A Purpose website.

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