Praying for the Perfect Balance Between Food Provided and People Coming to Dinner

ROP and our friends with Flourish East Colfax expect to serve Thanksgiving dinner to as many as 900 people from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, 11/17, at Crawford Elementary School. And it may be more than 900 since all 500 families at Crawford Elementary and many others from our community are being invited by the 7 organizations of Flourish East Colfax.

Our hope and prayer is that God would provide the perfect balance between the food provided and the people coming to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Based on the report I just received from our Thanksgiving Dinner coordinator, Vicki Ekberg, I am pretty sure we have not achieved the supply and demand balance we are hoping for. According to Vicki, this is where we currently stand:

Turkey 300
Gravy 550
Mashed Potatoes 650
Stuffing 600
Yams 550
Corn 850
Green Beans (plain) 750
Cranberries 400
Fruit Salad 550
Pies 100>

As you can see, many of the items with which we need the most help are among the easiest to prepare.  All we are asking is that our cooks bring their item heated and ready to serve in disposable aluminum serving pans sufficient to serve 25 people. (more is okay :-). And if cost is an issue for anyone, we are more than happy to reimburse you from funds others have donated in support of the event. You just need to save and give us your receipts.

With November 17th just 9 days away, we are obviously hoping and praying that many more of ROP’s friends and supporters will feel led to partner with us in making this dinner a tremendous success.

If one of those people is you, I encourage you to contact Vicki as soon as possible. She will be very happy to answer your questions and confirm the item or items you would like to prepare. Email her at [email protected] or call her cell at 303.898.0649.

Thanks for your consideration and support.

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