Most of the Assets Needed to Transform Our Neighborhood are Already Here

Research by the Asset Based Community Development Institue shows that 85% of the assets needed to bring a neighborhood out of poverty already exist within that neighborhood.  The challenge is to identify and then mobilize those assets. Identyfying assets within our neighborhood was the primary objective for last Thursday’s Neighborhood Meeting hosted by ROP in partnership with our friends at Agape Missionary Church.
About 25 people gathered at Thursday’s meeting.  We started by identifying our gifts of the head (knowledge), hands (skills) and heart (passions) and stuck them on the wall (see attached photo). Next, we assigned all the gifts on the wall to one of the five issues identified at our first meeting, two weeks previously. The issues were and are Unity, Crime, Youth, Pride (trash) and Housing. The final step for the evening was for each of our participants to choose one of the 5 issues we would like to work on. We will pick it up from there at our next meeting on 6/28.
It was both a fun and exciting evening, to see so many gifts identified and begin to be mobilized. Our community may never be the same. Stay tuned.
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