Most Neighborhood Meetings are About Working Together, but This One was about Having Fun Together

At most of our Flourish East Colfax (FEC) neighborhood meetings we break into small “voice groups” (Pride/Respect, Safety and Unity) and work on ways each group can make our community better.  But, back in October the entire group decided we should work together on planning a Holiday Party for the people of our community and especially those that live on Boston and Chester Streets where several or our FEC organizations are concentrating our attention. Since one of our primary goals is bringing all the people of our community together, the Holidays seemed like a great time to invite more people from our neighborhood to gather for some fun and to get to know one another a little better*.

Usually, when we do events like this – especially events at our building – ROP ends up carrying most of the load. Not so this time. All ROP really did was provide the building and print and hand out party flyers.  All the rest – invitation design, food, decorations, games and entertainment – was taken on by various sub-committees of people from our neighborhood, which was totally awesome and further confirmation that this Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) thing is working. Yay!

Even though the planning and execution were going well, I confess my expectations for turnout were not very high. However, I was very pleasantly surprized.  By the end of last Saturday’s party, more than 75 people had filled out name tags, including a lot of first timers.  And if I do say so myself, I think all enjoyed a great time, including delicious food (with prizes awarded for the best home-made main dish and dessert), holiday games and even the singing of some favorite Christmas carols.

Hopefully, a few photos will help to tell “the rest of the story”.

* Since FEC is  not explicitly a Christian group and we wanted people of all faiths to feel welcome, the group decided to call it a Holiday rather than a Christmas Party.
By the way, if you missed Colorado Gives Day, it is not too late to make a year-end donation to ROP and help us finish 2017 in the “Black” (revenue > expense). Right now it looks like it will take about another $30k of income to reach this goal. If you would like to help us reach this goal, please make your check payable to ROP and mail it to PO Box 632, Aurora, CO 80040. Or you can click on this link to ROP’s website where you can make a credit card donation.

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