Food Bank

Restoration Outreach Programs (ROP) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide food for people at risk of hunger living along East Colfax Ave, in Northwest Aurora, & Northeast Denver, CO. Every Tuesday, ROP Resource Ministry provides food to 80 to 100 needy families.  We also provide food to individuals and families in crisis on an as-needed basis throughout the week.

Through our food bank, we provide a weekly food distribution:

Tuesdays betweenStocking Crisis Food Pantry 11:30 and 12:30 p.m., or until the food runs out.

Desiring not to threaten the dignity of any individual, we do not ask for identification or any proof of need.  An individual/family need only show up and let us know of their need.   We are able to provide food each week by utilizing food purchases from The Food Bank of the Rockies, and through donations received from individuals, churches, companies and other organizations.  We also provide food for families in crisis and have several community meals throughout the year including special food boxes distributed during various holidays.

For more information, contact Tish Freeman or at 720-859-2513.

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