Restoration Outreach Programs (ROP) Ministries is growing to meet the changing community around us and the challenges they face.

The last five years has seen the face of East Colfax change its demographic dramatically.  Previously a mix of generational poverty, marginalized families and Hispanic immigrants, it has diversified culturally in big ways.

Statistically closer now to 1/3 marginalized, 1/3 Hispanic and a 1/3 refugee or asylee from overseas.  The community now sports a variety of cultural clothing, languages and challenges reflecting countries such as Nepal/Bhutan; Burma (Chin, Karen, Kachin, Karenni, Mon); Afghanistan; Egypt, Iran; Iraq; Burundi; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Liberia; Republic of Congo; Somalia; Sudan, alongside our residents from Mexico, South America and the U.S.

Believing in each individual’s dignity and potential, ROP lends a hand to locally resettled refugee churches and local neighbors in their efforts to rebuild positive, self-sufficient lives alongside those already here struggling with the need for assistance and desire for a better future for themselves and their families.  

Additionally, ROP works on helping established American churches to mobilize resources to help Christian refugees churches adjust to their new surroundings and promote their future success.

Please check out the specific ministries and programs to learn more about how you can take part in God’s growing kingdom building work along East Colfax!

Discover adult ministries under Resource Ministries and check out our Youth Ministries.

2 thoughts on “Ministries

  1. morgan oakley

    i see you have a program for ged practice testing but do you have resources or funds for a person to take the actual test for free or for a reduced rate thanks for your help

    1. VickiEkberg Post author

      No, sir. We do not have the funds to make the testing free. Our Work Readiness (which includes our GED tutoring) program is based on coming alongside individuals that are seeking to further their education and job finding skills. As a matter of dignity and respect to our students and their dedication and investment to their education, we can provide some help for students that are a consistent participant, yet, never more than half of the cost, dependent on the length of time they have committed to us. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Marla Vlieger, our Education Directer. Her contact information can be found on this website. =)


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