Community Taking Shape Even in ROP’s Alley

Alleys generally aren’t the most attractive part of a neighborhood, but ROP’s alley is a lot more attractive than used to be.  Until very recently, the back of ROP’s brick building was covered with a variety of gang signs, aka grafitti.  We made a couple of attempts to wash and scrub it off, but with no significant effect. A couple months ago, this “artwork” caught the attention of Aurora’s Code Enforcement officers who “encouraged” us to do something about it (or else).
That was all the motivation we needed.  A friend of mine was kind to donate 5 gallons of exterior paint and a team of interns was kind to apply it to our back wall. The stage was ready for our sanctioned street artist to apply his talents to our wall. That process got started earlier today. The attached photo shows the fruit of his labor.
In due time, the white space around “Community” will get filled in, but we hope you will agree that our artist is off to a good start, and that we have taken another small step toward “transforming” our community. Of course, our primary transformation emphasis is focused on people, but we think small steps lilke this one help to reinforce the larger message.

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