Always Lots of Smiles and Hugs on ESL “Graduation Day”

It all began almost 9 years ago with a conversation with ROP’s Refugee Outreach and Resources Director, Lucy Bruser, in a parking lot outside a nearby apartment building. A couple weeks later, Donna Godfrey began teaching ESL classes in ROP’s building. Since that time Donna and more than a dozen teachers have partnered with her in teaching hundreds of immigrants in our community to speak better English.

Yesterday was “graduation/celebration day” for the students in ROP’s ESL program. It was a great time of celebration as each class received certificates of achievement, shared a song or reading and exchanged gifts. There was also a special time of recognition and affirmation for Donna because it appears as though it may have been Donna’s “graduation day” too.
After 9 years of faithful service as ROP’s ESL Director, Donna is feeling called to focus her skills and energy on helping refugee mom’s to learn how to be more effective in discipling there children. She is also feeling called to become a tutor in ROP’s after-school tutoring program which makes us very happy because this means some kids are going to be very blessed and Donna will remain an active member of the ROP family.
As far as ROP’s ESL program is concerned, things are a bit up in the air. At this point, I know a couple of our teachers plan to “retire” from the program along with Donna, but I also know a couple teachers plan to keep teaching. We will see what God will do, but if you or someone you know has any interest in teaching English as a Second language, point them in my direction.
To see more photos from Thursday’s ESL Celebration click on this link.
We have received several more donations from our Annual Dinner, $800 of which qualify for the $10k match, but that still leaves $2.4k remaining to receive the full $10k. For anyone who believes in and supports ROP’s ministry with an occasional donation but has not made monthly or quarterly commitment, this would be a great time to consider making that commitment. Its benefit to ROP and those we serve will be immediately doubled! Click here to make an on-line donation or simply send me an email confirming your commitment to give regularly for the next year. Thanks!

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