Here’s what is coming up at Restoration Outreach Programs (ROP)!

 We thank God of each of you who attended the ROP 2019 Fundraising Banquet.  Videos seen at the event are up on YouTube!

Here’s the links:

ROP Lunch Outreach Ministry along East Colfax

Deborah & Pamelynn share about being ROP Food Bank Volunteers

If you missed the chance but would still like to support our ministry:

To Make an On-line Donation, click here


   We’re streamlining down to one main office number for the building!

For the last ten years, we’ve had two numbers, one for Youth Ministry and one for Resource Ministry.  Well, it’s time to share and reduce expenses, so here we go!
You can reach out to ROP at 720-859-2513


 If you missed ROP’s Celebrating God’s Faithfulness on May 4th, 2018 you missed a great evening, but you can enjoy a part of the evening, by clicking on the links below and viewing the 4 short videos introduced at the dinner.

10 Year Anniversary Overview

ROP’s 10 Anniversary – Kent’s Perspective

ROP Youth Ministry Update

Darla’s Story


If you missed the short videos presented at our 2017 Fundraising Dinner, here’s your second chance:

Overview of ROP                      Tish’s Story                          ROP’s Future

If you want to learn more, missed the dinner for whatever reason, or just found us, feel free to contact us for tour or more!  If you’d like to know more about opportunities at ROP you can contact  Vicki or call her at 303-898-0649.


Additionally, on the ROP website, check out different options to donate here, or options for volunteering here.