Here’s what is coming up at Restoration Outreach Programs (ROP)!



ROP’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Box Outreach

.Yes, it’s right around the corner with two evening events on Thursday and Friday for setting up, and the big day on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 starting at 9 am.

The servant-hearted, like You, have made this such a blessing and an honor for those in our community that struggle with the cost of the holidays.

Here are some opportunities for you to consider as a volunteer:

  • REGISTRATION – INSIDE AND OUTSIDE – signing people in and assigning them to a Guide
  • GUIDES – escorting people around to receive their food
  • FOOD BOX DISTRIBUTION – distributing food items to recipient (dependent on family size)
  • SNACKS – plating and serving snacks and beverages to recipients and volunteers
  • MAINTENANCE – picking up trash around facility and making sure each team has what they need
  • SECURITY – Guard doors and walk around building to make sure everyone is ok – ADULTS ONLY
  • FOOD STOCKERS – Keep food distribution area stocked with food
  • TURKEY DISTRIBUTION – Collect card and distribute turkey to families
  • DRIVERS – Drive people to their homes with their food –WE COULD USE CAR SEATS FOR THIS EVENT

If you have any questions or concerns you can e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki, at vicki@restorationoutreachprograms.org.  You can also reach Vicki at 303 898-0649



We thank God for you and the success of this year’s Fundraising Dinner!

If you missed any of the short videos, here’s your second chance:

Overview of ROP                      Tish’s Story                          ROP’s Future

If you want to learn more, missed the dinner for whatever reason, or just found us, feel free to contact us for tour or more!  If you’d like to know more about opportunities at ROP you can contact  Vicki or call her at 303-898-0649.


Additionally, on the ROP website, check out different options to donate here, or options for volunteering here.